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El pasado mes de Noviembre los alumnos de Bachillerato viajaron a Madrid para ver una obra de teatro en inglés “Murder on the Orient Express“.
Los alumnos participantes en la actividad realizaron un trabajo colaborativo que se presenta a continuación.

November the 15th wasn´t just a normal school day, It was a different day and we knew it. Our alarm clocks was set to go off really early and when they went off, we jumped out of our beds without even thinking twice about it: we were going to MADRID, we were excited and happy and the following is our story of that special day.

The busride.

The busride was quite calm at the beginning, because everyone was asleep. A few were listening to music, other ones were talking with their friends sitting next to them. We saw the dawn at 7:00 in the morning from the bus and it was very beautiful, because you could see the different colors in the sky behind the mountains. After stopping in a cafeteria to go to the toilet, buy some snacks and drink a coffee, we continued our trip. Pilar and Maite told us to choose a movie to watch in the bus and we chose, “PS: I love you”, which was a very beautiful film. We watched it in English with subtitles in Spanish and it wasn’t very difficult to understand. Before we finished watching the film, we arrived in Madrid, everyone was looking out the windows of the bus and despite there was a lot of trash on the streets, it was so beautiful. The entire reason for going to Madrid in the first place was to watch a theatre act in English at a theatre and luckily for us, the bus stopped in front of the theatre and we all got off and entered

The play

The play was an adaptation of a “Murder on the Orient Express”. We were able to understand the plot very well. They spoke very clearly and used simple sentences, so we had a very good time. One of our friends was even asked to perform on stage. He was Diego from 1º bach, he was very funny and we laughed a lot with him. It was unforgetable.

The tour

After the play, we did a beautiful walk around Madrid. We visited Cibeles Square, Neptuno Square, El parque del Retiro, Alcalá Gate and El Prado. It was beautiful and interesting viewing these parts of the city, and we enjoyed it a lot, because some of us have never been in Madrid until that moment. At the beginning, we were divided into groups and each group had to explain each monument in English, but we were too many to hear with the noise in the streets of Madrid.


At lunch we had some free time, so I decided to go to Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol with three of my friends. We had been given a map and was told to be in groups of at least 4 students. We were a bit lost and we started discussing how we could actually go to the places we wanted, a woman walking behind me pointed us in the right direction, which would change our plans a little, it made us take a long way around, going to Plaza Santa Ana before going to the two other places. We decided to change our route and we definitely did not regret doing so, the square was so beautiful and it was a different way to see Madrid, getting to know more about some interesting places and I bet there´s some history around it, too.

At the same time, another group of students which I was with, went around the streets that surround the Reina Sofia Museum and we found a dunkin´ coffee. I have never heard about it before. They prepared delicious donuts with chocolate, sweets, jelly, fruit and so on, served with a great coffee, so some of us bought a donut and a coffee. It was delicious! Afterwards we went around Atocha Station and we had a walk next to El Retiro Park. Eventually, we had to meet up with the rest of the group at 4:00 at the museum door.


When we went inside, Maite and Pilar divided us into two groups and suggested us to leave the jackets in the cloakroom. We were given a map of the museum and we had to do an activity for the English class. Once inside, we visited the rooms we liked and used the glass lift in the museum. It was very interesting! In my opinion, the “Guernica” is the most exciting piece of art in the whole museum. I really appreciate my art teacher´s help some days before, I remember things that she had told us in the art class, and it was so nice, it really helped us to value the masterpieces in the museum.

I think this covers most of our trip to Madrid. In my opinion it was a good trip and a special day that taught us a lot.

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