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Dilan Canedo, a student in 1ºC ESO has written about his experience in Villadeciervos. Dilan and his schoolmates got to the village on Monday, May 8th and stayed there until Friday. This is his report.
I went on an excursion to Villardeciervos last week . We arrived on Monday at about eleven o´clock in the morning but we had to wait for Tordesillas school to arrive too. When they arrived we went to the living room, we introduced ourselves, and a receptionist told us where our rooms were. In the afternoon we went to visit the village. We did it as a game and we had to ask people how to get to the places that teachers told us to find. The people were very nice to us. 
On Tuesday morning, we went to a mountain that is near La Sierra de la Culebra and from there we could see it . It is very big and beautiful. In the afternoon, we had two workshops. In one of them the teachers told as about the different footprints and horns of some animals . After dinner, we went for a walk. 
On Wednesday, we were outside all day. We went to a natural park, Los Arribes del Duero. 
The teachers explained things about the park. It is a fantastic place. We walked a lot and we saw Griffon vultures. We visited a pottery workshop too, and I got presents for my family.
On Thursday, we went to Sanabria Lake. It is a very big and beautiful lake. We visited the castle of Puebla de Sanabria too.
On Friday, we collected our things from our rooms and after breakfast, we had a recycling workshop. After lunch, we said goodbye to our friends from Tordesillas. It was very sad.😢
It was a fantastic week for me.  

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