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Third term
On April 19th Andee Kaluzna, an American volunteer, came to our school to share her experiences with us and to learn about our country. One of our reporters, Lorena Merayo in 1ºBach CIT, tells us about this incredible woman who has come from the other side of the Atlantic to take part in the Teach in Spain programme for the third school term. The objective of the programme is to boost our knowledge of English and broaden our minds with this cultural exchange. Here is Lorena's report.

Her name is Andee. She was born on July 8th, in Chicago, near the shore of Lake Michigan, which is her favourite place. She has three children, two sons and a daughter. Her family is Jewish and she is Jewish too.   

When she was young, she studied business to be a buyer for small fashion shops. She had a plumbing business. Her job is unusual. She is a landlord who has rented a big building to a business for the past five years. 
This stay in The Bierzo is her fourth time in Spain. She visited Barcelona (for a plumbing business fair), San Sebastian, Seville and Madrid. She has always liked Spain and the Spanish way of life. In primary school, high school and university she took Spanish classes. She wanted to live in a country where people spoke Spanish, so she decided to take advantage of this experience.
Andee paid $800 for the programme to come here, plus the airfare. In Spain she has tried octopus, pork tripe, cheek and lips, beef tongue, wild pig and so on. She likes Spanish people because they are friendly and kind.
Andee says that in the United States, students cannot call their teachers by their first names and the students are the ones who move around the school. She told us many interesting things like the importance of sports in schools there. Also, if you do sports, your marks will improve!
It is really interesting to meet people from other countries! Thank you Andee!😘

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