lunes, 19 de junio de 2017


One of the compulsary readers in 2º ESO is the book "All about the USA". After reading and listening to it the students got to know the country, they learned about its history, traditions, famous American people, places of breathtaking beauty, myths and legends. 
In the second term, the class of 2ºBC ESO read the book with the help of Elizabeth, the language assistant from Arizona, who explained the facts  and helped the students to improve their pronuciation.
We decided to get the students to do some further research. First, the classs was divided into seven groups of three students  and each group was assigned a number of states which shared similar characteristics. Next, all the members of each group had to search for information, discuss their findings and finally do a powerpoint presentation to the class. They worked very hard indeed.
Last but not least, we decided to create a map where they could show pictures, some essential information, the names of the 50 states and the capital cities.
We photocopied a big map of the USA and cut out the states from hard paper of different colours. In the third term, Andee, the language assistant from Chicago, helped us to carry out the project.
All the students cooperated and joined efforts to achieve their goal.
The students are proud of their work. Well done!😊

And this is the final result, a map with different layers.

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